i think in the end we choose each other

maybe who knows where in any city, any part of the world, it’s storming and the power threatens to go out. and maybe, there’s an apartment being entered into by its occupants at an ungodly hour. one is round and rosy, tattooed words dancing around soft arms. the other is greasy and sour and wears…… Continue reading i think in the end we choose each other

no more protein, please and thank you

so nate said to buy protein powder. “you can get a small tub at aldi’s and it’ll help out with working out,” he told me, right after going into a conversation about bonhoeffer with some older ladies at the y. the only thing both conversations had in common was the repeated use of “demand and…… Continue reading no more protein, please and thank you

his funeral was sweet

source his funeral was sweet, she tells me, wrapping a robe around herself.it’s ten pm. she hasn’t been home in 36 hours.  how did it go, i ask. i sit on the fake marble countertops, waiting for her to cuss me out. which she does, gently, swirling some spirits into a mug. you’ll ruin the surface, she says,…… Continue reading his funeral was sweet

it’s about toxins. also eggs.

okay so it was like 2011, right? it was 2011, a sunday morning, hours before the chaos and fairness normally associated with church came crashing down, and as you do, we were eating boiled eggs. why boiled eggs, when literally any other kind of egg could have been cooked and consumed with much more significant…… Continue reading it’s about toxins. also eggs.

run boy run

*checks nonexistent watch* huh. there was a time when the mad child behind these words would’ve diligently churned out words on the double and pasted them on this sad strange site, but you know what? time is a social construct and we are but mere slaves to ourselves. meaning that i am making words up…… Continue reading run boy run

what i found in the parking lot

looky clara and i did a collab thingy it’s right next to a cliff, did you know? the parking lot of the broken seven eleven somewhere in america. blessed and forsaken by the same god in one go. no wonder. i think everyone just moves along. that’s how you climb the mountains, that’s how you…… Continue reading what i found in the parking lot

floating on the ceiling

the world shifts every fourth day, every wrong hour, as decreed by the first fool that woke up and saw the bare gears of existence heave into motion. legend says he’s still sleeping off the shock. ”are you high?” she lolls her head. “what do you think?” “i mean… you’re so chill right now.” the…… Continue reading floating on the ceiling

don’t get high on vitamins (the ghosts will bang their heads)

i used to think that people needed to be there for me. that inside everyone was a genuine desire to care. that there was good in the world. that everything had to have a point. that everything had to end on a high note. that the world ran in clear lines and that life was…… Continue reading don’t get high on vitamins (the ghosts will bang their heads)